During the years of his education on western classical music in Belgium, he researched Anatolian tunes and Turkish classical music. Since the 1980s, one of his major endeavors is applying this music to western form and creating syntheses.

Not only was Sezer drawn to western and eastern classical music in his youth but also to Rock, New Wave and Funk. He played drums, bass, guitar and keyboards for several bands performing across all these genres.

Sezer developed an interest in electronic music very early on. With such a background, he combines his classical training in western and Turkish music with a fervent acquaintance of contemporary sounds in his projects.

Sezer is one of the most sought after arrangers and producers in Turkey celebrated for his works across a variety of fields ranging from arrangements for solo albums to music production for dance shows, incorporating a multitude of musical styles and techniques.

In Turkey and Belgium Sezer has been involved in producing music for various corporate and advertising films. Recently, he extended his career as a composer and musical director towards producing soundtracks for pictures ranging across TV series, documentaries and films.